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Vegan Bakesales in Dresden?

In food, sweet, Uncategorized on April 8, 2012 at 4:42 pm


t’s time for me to come back to this. At least to tell the few people who look at what I write about this side project I’ve been dreaming about/worrying over/finally making happen. After years of blog reading and wishing I could do things like I see on Seitanismymotor and Bittersweet and Veganpassion (and and and), I’m slowly breaking into the DIY bakesale scene here in Dresden.

Nothing that hasn’t been done before elsewhere, but something rarely seen in this ‘valley of the clueless’: set up a table at hardcore shows, fill it with vegan cupcakes a la VCTOTW and watch people smile.



A timid start of sorts

In Uncategorized on June 14, 2010 at 1:15 pm

This inkling started in 2007 or so with a photoblog that I never updated. Well, almost never, and then in response, no one regularly looked at the pictures. Also in 2007, I made the conscious decision to move from the U.S.America to Germany. The desire to live here started in my past with stories, childhood, pseudo relatives with distinct accents — but that is a longer story with more flowery details. In making the first step to Wiesbaden, I wanted to allow tabs to be kept on me without me needing to send out grotesquely generalized mass emails. Those emails weren’t written, the photoblog remained un-updated, and I didn’t move back home.

Last summer, specifically beginning in July — a time I often refer to as “the bad time”, hours and hours piddled away on the internet led me indirectly into the microcosm that is the Vegan Food Blogging community. Yes, I knew about the post punk kitchen. VCTOTW was sent to me by D. via post along with my very first apron, an autographed People in Planes poster, and other special trinkets. But this, this was utopia. Though having been vegetarian for only 18 months, I had a predisposed distrust of animal products, as well as an interest in cooking as healthfully and sustainably as possible. Reading post after post, seeing picture after picture of carefully prepared, cruelty free delicacies offered the spark that I needed to document my own kitchen debauchery of sorts. This last year has been spent in part following blogs via google reader, trying out recipe after recipe, nose-diving head first into seitan, co-heading a vegan bake sale, and taking numerous pictures that few have yet seen (and undoubtably are not the highest quality). I realized a few months ago, that I, too, want to be part of this community of vegan-lifestyle supporting cooks and writers, so this is my first heave-ho.

An acquaintance here in Dresden once said to me, possibly while trying to convince me to go fly a kite, that I only talk about either food, or interpersonal relationships. If I were a nail, he was the hammer that smacked me right in the head. That is what I do: I cook, bake, and am neurotic and like to talk about said neurosis and idiosyncrasies with the people close to me. And to the people far away from me. I hope to have this blog also serve as a way to let those across the Atlantic know that, yes, I am ok, and life here is just as silly as it is there. So this is about my life here, in Dresden, as an Ami (US american), woman, vegan-lifestyle supporting, music adoring, human relationship addict. About that last part, I’m not a sociopath, I just like being around funny people.