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In food, people, savory, sweet on July 4, 2010 at 5:45 pm

The lay out bit of this whole shebang has yet to be figured out, and this post is more of a mishmash of things enjoyed over the last few weeks. Let it be jumbled, I say! For if tastiness is defined by structure, then I would rather experience a clusterfuck of vegan mouth jooooyyyyyyaaarrrrgh (the tiredness of the week just hit me. have lost. all ability. to form. coherant. sentence.)

500 Vegan Recipes: Oatmeal Cookie-Topped Pear Crumble

In my parents household this dish would be named pear crisp, not crumble, and necessitates in the desire for a sweet, yet somewhat healthy treat. The topping recipe is now my canon for future crisps, as it truly mimics that crunchy, chewy oatmeal cookie that screams to be paired with vanilla (soy) ice cream. The horse pan makes me giggle.

The weekend of June 18th saw the coming and going of my neighborhood’s annual street festival. Established in 1990 after Germany’s reunification, the contemporary development supposedly has gone the route of commercialism. No longer the home-made, politically influenced street fair, many locals complain. As my apartment is located smack dab within the square that is the Neustadt, the throbbing techno mashed together with power-cord heavy punk rock wafting from the bar across the street caused more complaints to come from my mouth than euphoric yelps. Then again, I’m sure they didn’t offer vegan sausage 20 years ago…

Summer also finally arrived in Dresden, and so the hallowed rite of grilling has become a weekend activity. My new simple favorite are shish-kabobs: marinated soy medallions, eggplant, pepper, garlic, onions.. they just look so pretty. pretty can also be associated with this graffiti. Just so you know.



  1. Dearest Sharlene, will you pretty please post the pear crisp crunch recipe?

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